The Genealogy of Teaching Clinical Reasoning and Diagnostic Skill: The GEL Study


The genealogy of graduate medical education in America begins at the bedside. However, today’s graduate medical trainees work in a training environment that is vastly different from medical training a century ago. The goal of the Graduate Medical Education Laboratory (GEL) Study, supported by the American Medical Association’s (AMA) “Reimagining Residency” initiative, is to determine the factors in the training environment that most contribute to resident well-being and developing diagnostic skills. We believe that increasing time at the bedside will improve clinical skill, increase professional fulfillment, and reduce workplace burnout. Our graduate medical education laboratory will test these ideas to understand which interventions can be shared among all training programs. Through the GEL Study, we aim to ensure resident readiness for practice as we understand, then optimize, the learning environment for trainees and staff.


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