Carey Researchers’ Papers among Most Read, Most Cited in Leading Management Journals

“Three members of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School faculty have been recognized for publishing research papers that were among the most read and most cited during 2021 in two journals of the prestigious Academy of Management.

Associate Professor Christopher Myers co-wrote the year’s most-read paper in the journal Academy of Management Discoveries, titled “How Did You Do That? Exploring the Motivation to Learn from Others’ Exceptional Success.” The paper was also the fifth most-cited article in AOM Discoveries in 2021.

An article co-authored by Myers, Mayo, and Carey Business School Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Kathleen Sutcliffe, titled “Organizational Science and Health Care,” was No. 8 on the list of most-read articles of 2021 in another AOM journal, Academy of Management Annals.

For a full list of the most-read and most-cited articles of 2021 in the journals of the Academy of Management, visit this page”.