Even Amid Social Distancing, ‘Vicarious Learning’ Can Work

Q&A for the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School website

“Vicarious learning” is a term for how we learn from the experiences of others, particularly people in our everyday personal and professional lives.

But can it succeed in a time of masks, quarantining, and working from home? Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Assistant Professor Christopher Myers, who has made a research specialty of vicarious learning, explains in the following Q&A how its principles can prove effective even amid the social-distancing requirements of COVID-19.

The academic director of Executive Education at Carey, with joint faculty appointments in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Myers has written a paper on vicarious learning during the COVID-19 crisis, recently published in Behavioral Science & Policy. He is also among the co-authors, including Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Kathleen Sutcliffe, of a paper on resilient leadership in the face of the pandemic, in BMJ Leader.

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