Why Business Training for Physicians Can Improve Patient Care

Interviewed for American Association for Physician Leadership Article

Business curriculum as a part of medical training has become popular for medical students and physicians over the last decade. The number of MD-MBA, dual-degree programs increased by 25 percent from 2011 to 2012 alone, yet only about half of universities offer leadership or management training for medical students or residents. Of those that do, these courses are typically elective.

Many physicians and health care leaders say these courses aren’t merely nice to have — they’re essential for the modern practice of medicine. Christopher Myers, PhD, a faculty member at the John Hopkins Carey Business School and School of Medicine, is one such leader. Myers’ research has focused on learning and leadership in the field of medicine. In addition to his numerous published works about business training for health care professionals, Myers teaches business executive courses for physicians.

“This core training around management skills and leadership skills would benefit everyone,” Myers says, “whether they’re planning on going into an administrative role or not. Everyone who’s a physician is leading in some capacity.”

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