Foundations of Leadership and Management

Open-enrollment Executive Program

As the required foundational course for the Executive Certificate in Organizational Leadership (but open to any Carey Executive Education participant), this course exposes participants to the fundamentals of leading and managing in teams or units. This course equips participants to lead with purpose and incorporate core knowledge and skills from research on leadership and organizations into their daily practices. Specifically, the course will help participants identify their own strengths as leaders and managers; understand how to leverage team processes, motives, and incentives to become a more effective leader; improve individual and group decisions; navigate organizational culture; and develop a plan for personal and professional growth.

Learn the day-to-day functions of leaders and managers as you take part in hands-on, collaborative learning experience with industry peers. Explore fundamental research-based principles that you can learn and grow from whether you're a first-time manager, middle manager, or seasoned business leader. This course is grounded in social science research and taught by renowned faculty that are experts in the leadership space.